UAE: Participation in the G20’s Second Infrastructure Working Group Meeting 2023

By Mala Yachts Staff -March 30, 2023

The UAE took part in the second Infrastructure Working Group (IWG) meeting under the G20 Finance Track for 2023. It was held in Visakhapatnam, India, on March 28 and 29 to talk about the group’s work plan for 2023 while India was in charge of the G20.

The meeting was attended by G20 members, countries that were invited, and international organizations. Amna Alshamsi, who is in charge of policies, rules, and procedures at the Ministry of Finance, and Asma AlZarooni, who is in charge of the Exchange of Tax Information Section at the Ministry of Finance, were part of the UAE delegation.

How to Get Private Financing?

At the meeting, people talked about the progress made on the Infrastructure Working Group’s priorities for this year. They talked about how to build urban infrastructure that is ready for the future and how to get private financing for infrastructure that is energy-efficient and good for the environment. Members also talked about the technical and management skills that will be needed to build the cities of the future.

Members also talked about the challenges and opportunities that cities will bring in the near future. They stressed again how important it is to set a clear direction to make sure that future cities will be livable. The IWG delegates also went to a separate event to talk about ways to make a global infrastructure taxonomy for gathering data.

A Step to Urban Initiatives

During the meetings, the UAE team talked about how important it was to include urban initiatives to help people in vulnerable areas deal with problems like rising costs of living. When talking about how to pay for cities of the future, the team stressed the need to create frameworks that guide innovation and risk management when raising money for urban projects.

Also, the UAE reaffirmed that it is important to work with the private sector to make sustainable infrastructure projects and to include the views of citizens in order to make reforms at the local government level that have an impact. At the next meeting, which will be set by the Indian presidency, the members agreed to talk about how far along the group’s work plan for 2023 was.

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