Exhibitions recreate favorite world’s fair country pavilions

By Mala Yachts -February 2, 2023

To accommodate the growing number of visitors, Expo City Dubai has unveiled a number of exciting new features.

Favorite country pavilions from the world’s fair are brought back to life in exhibitions.

On Wednesday, Expo City Dubai launched three new exhibits designed to entice visitors looking to relive their experiences from the world’s fair.

Pavilions representing different countries are located in the site’s Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability districts.

More than 200 countries and 4,000 organizations participated in the six-month long Expo 2020 Dubai, and their mementos, including sculptures, musical instruments, and multimedia exhibitions, are on display for visitors to examine.

Exhibits in the sustainability section range from a gigantic, colorful sculpture of a turtle from the island of Comoros built from recycled plastic bags to reproductions of the timber poles used in the Swedish and German pavilions.

The opportunity display has a harp from Columbia, a harp from Myanmar, a harp from Austria, and a cart from Myanmar painted with red and green sequins.

An all-access card to Expo City Dubai, which includes the new attractions as well as Alif: The Mobility Pavilion, Terra: The Sustainability Pavilion, the Vision Pavilion, and the Women’s Pavilion, costs Dh120.

Expo visitors can also see the three new exhibits by purchasing a separate ticket for Dh50 that grants them access to just Stories of Nations.

Children under 12 and those with special needs get in free.

As was the situation in the fall of 2017, visitors still don’t need tickets to walk freely around Expo.

According to Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak, the Commissioner General of Expo 2020 Dubai and the Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence, the new exhibits are Expo’s way of honoring the countries that participated.

He praised it for its ability to “curate the story of our shared humanity across many subjects and pay tribute to the power of collaboration” by providing “a glimpse inside some of the unforgettable, iconic events that took place.” “.

The new pavilions, according to Najeeb Mohammed Al-Ali, executive director of Expo City Dubai, were selected after taking into account the opinions of previous visitors.

Mr. Ali claimed, “We had a really successful event, and we attracted millions of guests.”

“Many of these guests are returning to the site to experience the Stories of Nations pavilions, the first in a planned sequence that will allow them to relive their visit ”

According to him, hundreds of people visited the city’s fan zone during the Fifa World Cup, the Winter Fest, and the recent Chinese New Year events. Plans are already being made to host Cop 28.

Timing: You can visit the pavilions anytime between 10 AM and 6 PM, every day.

Source: https://www.thenationalnews.com/uae/expo-2020/2023/02/01/expo-city-dubai-opens-new-attractions-for-visitors/

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