Dubai Gold Rate – Price Today For 24, 22, 21, 18 Carat Gold

By Mala Yachts -July 18, 2023

The Gold Rate in Dubai Today on 18 July 2023 is 2362.50 AED (UAE Dirham) for 10 grams of 24-Karat of the precious metal, while 1 Tola is being sold for AED 2754.68.

Furthermore, the detail of the Gold Rate in Dubai UAE on 17 July 2023 is given below, which includes the price of the yellow metal in 24-Karat and 22-Karat per Tola and 10 Grams.

Gold Price in Dubai – 18 July 2023

  • The Price of 24-Karat Gold per 10 Grams is 2362.50 AED (UAE Dirham), while 22-Karat Gold per 10 Gram is being sold for 2187.50 AED.
  • Similarly, the rate of 24-Karat Gold per 1 Tola is 2754.68 AED in Dubai, while the price of 22-Karat Gold per 1 Tola is 2550.63 UAE Dirham.
  • Today Gold rates in AED (U.A.E Dirham) are 10 grams of gold 24K 2362.50 Dirhams.
  • Every UAE City Gold Rate is different.
  • However, these rates are given in 1-tola, 1-gram, and 10-gram increments in UAE Dirham. Every day, the local gold and bullion markets in the UAE provide live rates.

UAE Gold Rates (AED)

July 18, 2023

Type Morning
24 Carat 236.25
22 Carat 218.75
21 Carat 211.75
18 Carat 181.50
24 Carat per 10 g 2367.50
24 Carat per tola 2754.68
22 Carat per 10 g 2187.50
22 Carat per tola 2550.63

 Carat explained

The unit used to measure how pure gold is the carat or karat, which is written as K.

Pure gold (24K) is soft and can be bent and stretched, so it is not good for making jewelry.

Most of the time, other metals are mixed with gold to make an alloy.

  • 24K: All gold.
  • 22K: An alloy with 22 parts of pure gold and 2 parts of other metals. Gold’s percentage is 91.7% (22 out of 24).
  • 21K: An alloy with 21 parts of pure gold and 3 parts of other metals. Gold is worth 87.5 percent (21 out of 24).
  • 18K: An alloy with 18 parts of pure gold and 6 parts of other metals. 75 percent (18 out of 24) is gold.


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