New projects announced in Hatta

By Mala Yachts Staff -March 1, 2023

Among the new projects permitted in Dubai’s Hatta is a mountain tramway and a plan to turn a beach into an all-season tourism attraction.

The tramway will make it easier for people to visit the Hatta Dam. Authorities said on Tuesday that they are looking into the building’s construction.

In addition to the cable car and Hatta Waterfalls projects, this one is also set to be completed soon.

The Hatta Waterfalls are planned for the area close to the Hatta Dam. Visitors will be able to ride a cable car the entire 5.4 kilometers from the dam to the peak of Umm Al Nusour, Dubai’s tallest mountain.

Phase II of the Hatta Development Projects and Initiatives were given the green light by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. This included the approval of 22 different projects.

It’s time to hit Hatta Beach

Hatta Beach, after its makeover into an “all-season tourist attraction,” will provide a wide range of fun things to do and places to stay.

An increase in visitors and tourists is anticipated as a result of these facilities.

Spas and lake revitalization

Also being built are urban-style hotels and health spas that blend in with the surrounding landscape.

As part of another endeavor, the Wadi Lim Lake will be expanded. There will be seasonal shops, food trucks, pathways, and rest stops set up.

Further Initiatives

Some hilly areas may soon have hiking trails built in them for recreational and athletic purposes.

Trails for mountain bikes and designated rest areas are also part of the plans. We are planning to construct a bike path that will connect several of the region’s most important landmarks.

Also, the Hatta tombs from the Bronze and Iron Ages, as well as the Falaj Al Shari’a, will be submitted to UNESCO for consideration as World Heritage sites.


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