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By Mala Yachts -March 6, 2023

Taking a vacation can do wonders for a person’s work-life balance. Social media feeds in the UAE have been dominated by negative employment trends like quiet quitting and the great resignation, prompting experts to urge businesses to prioritise their employees’ health and happiness. Seventy percent of UAE citizens have trouble striking a work-life balance because of the pervasiveness of technology in the workplace.

Employees in the UAE are entitled to nine different types of leave, as outlined in the country’s labour code. These consist of vacation time and special leaves for things like pregnancy, illness, and loss of a loved one. The legislation mandates that companies provide these leaves to their workers who request them.

Companies in both the public and private sectors provide their employees with paid time off in addition to the legally required holidays and sick days. Rather than being required by law, these are given out voluntarily by organisations.


Nine similar leaves are compiled here:

If a national holiday falls on a weekend, an extra day of vacation is granted. If a national holiday in the United Arab Emirates comes on a worker’s weekend, the employer is not compelled by law to provide a make-up day. Some businesses, though, do this. In 2023, for instance, New Year’s Day fell on a Sunday. We were granted a day off on Monday to compensate up it,” claimed an employee of a Dubai-based company, demanding anonymity.

  1. Long weekend of three days: On the first of January, 2022, the United Arab Emirates instituted a shorter work week. Several businesses in the private sector have switched to a two-day weekend (Saturday and Sunday), but others have extended the weekend to three days (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) to accommodate a four-day work week. JRN Consulting, POP Communications, and Active DMC are just some examples of businesses that have taken this approach.
  2. Those who wish to undertake the Haj are entitled to 30 days of paid leave from their employers. While most employers won’t cover employees’ time off to go on a religious pilgrimage, others do. Although it is not compulsory by law, several employers do allow their workers to take time off to undertake Umrah.
  3. The Dubai-based super app Careem has a “unlimited leave policy” that allows staff to take as much time off as they need. Vacation time is not confined to a set number of days each year, as the term implies.
  4. Federal government employees who are nationals of the United Arab Emirates are eligible to apply for a “Entrepreneurship Leave” of one year to pursue their own business ventures. Workers are eligible for paid time off to assist in the launch or operation of a new firm.
  5. The Dubai-based company TishTash Communications recently announced that employees would be given “flexible and unlimited” paid leave to attend reproductive treatment-related medical appointments. The same goes for people who are considering egg freezing.
  6. Several businesses now provide women temporary menstrual leave to help them cope with the severe pain that often accompany menstruation. The international company Aries Group, headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, began providing this option to workers last year. TishTash recently stated that women can take up to six days off per year for menopause and periods.
  7. Male workers in the United Arab Emirates have the legal right to take five days of paternity leave. There are certain businesses that give new dads more time off than usual. Male employees at Fine Hygienic Holding are eligible for three weeks of paid paternity leave. Individuals have the option of taking an additional week off without pay.
  8. Workers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) now have the legal right to take a 10-day study leave in order to enrol in courses at recognised educational institutions within the country.



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